Flourishing Green Beans

My friend Jeff, who lives up the street from me, and I have been collaborating on a garden a mile or so from here in another friend’s yard. Rains have been plentiful this summer and almost every planting has been doing well.

Jeff and I met at the garden to see how things were growing. We’ve had some problems with over-abundant rabbits and Jeff has killed two so far with a hoe.

I was very impressed with the green bean patch this year; I don’t think I ever have seen such leguminous abundance:

I have some cow-peas, or crowder-peas, which are up and waiting for tropical weather. A native of Africa, they will soon be vining vigorously.


3 comments on “Flourishing Green Beans

  1. Joan says:


    Glad to hear you went with veggies.
    They are quite a prudent choice.
    Though I know you wanted chickens,
    You obeyed your inner voice
    And decided to raise something
    That would not rouse you at dawn
    To gather each egg harvest
    Dodging poopy on your lawn.
    You don’t have to feed beans daily.
    They don’t peck you or complain
    Or escape from their confinement
    To the neighbors down the lane.
    Beans are packed with lots of protein.
    No cholesterol to harm.
    They do well in smaller spaces
    So you need not own a farm.
    They will twine around a beanpole
    Cause they’re not inclined to roam
    And unlike those pesky chickens
    You need not build them a home.

  2. Larry says:

    I get such a kick out of how you, Joan, use my posts as inspiration for poems!

  3. Joan says:

    You are my muse, Larry. 🙂

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