A Quincy Sky

Several times throughout the summer a blues concert is presented from the bandstand in downtown Washington Park here in Quincy. I ventured down there a couple of days ago, listening to the music and thinking I might meet up with some friends. There were hundreds of people there with their folding chairs and coolers full of alcoholic beverages. I never did see anybody I know, but on the way there I had to stop and take this photo of a dramatic sky:


6 comments on “A Quincy Sky

  1. Joan says:

    By the looks of that sky, I’m guessing your missing musician friends have been raptured, Larry. 🙂

  2. Larry says:

    Funny, Joan! I hope not!

  3. Virginia says:

    Those are nice crepuscular rays back-lighting the building and parking lot. It’s a nice effect.

  4. Darrell says:

    Follow-up . . . . . Were they raptured?

  5. Larry says:

    Well, I don’t believe in the the weird Christian concept of rapture, so I doubt it!

  6. Darrell says:

    Apparently it’s a rather new doctrine . . . 20th century new. Traditionally the Church didn’t believe in it.
    HOWEVER . . . . I take it your friends are still missing . . . . hmmmm. Are we “Left Behind”?

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