Skip James

Want to hear some hauntingly sad and soulful singing and Delta-style acoustic guitar? Oh, go ahead and listen; it won’t hurt you, but it will affect you if you have ever endured hard times:


The lyrics:

Hard time’s is here
An ev’rywhere you go
Times are harder
Than th’ever been befo’

Um, hm-hm
Um, hm-hm
Um, hm-hm-hm

You know that people
They are driftin’ from do’ to do’
But they can’t find no heaven
I don’t care where they go

Um, hm-hm
Um, hm-hm-hm

People, if I ever can get up
Off a-this old hard killin’ flo’
Lord, I’ll never get down
This low no mo’

Um, hm-hm-hm
Hm, um-hm
Hm, hm-hm
Hm, hm-hm-hm

Well, you hear me singin’
This old lonesome song


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2 comments on “Skip James

  1. Dave Bonta says:

    Skip James was unique — maybe the bluesiest bluesman of all time.

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