Early Fireworks

I was fast asleep tonight when someone in the area decided to set off a series of loud fireworks; it isn’t even the Fourth of July yet! I was annoyed…

3 comments on “Early Fireworks

  1. Joan says:

    It must have really annoyed you since you haven’t been back on-line for 3 days. Since the fireworks stands sell far ahead of the day, there are always a few kids who want to try out their ordnance on unsuspecting people. At any rate, I have to confess there has been so much thunder and rain here that when I heard the early evening rumblings of the big big fireworks displays on Sat. I ran around turning off TV’s and puter before I realized it was not rain. So, in effect, I was very grateful for the sound of fireworks. Unlike lightening, It cannot fry my electronics. I got the fab. visuals on TV later. Did Quincy have a display?

  2. Larry says:

    I’ve been on-line; just haven’t felt like saying much. Yeah, Quincy had quite a display down at the Illinois Veteran’s home, I’ve heard. Next year the display will be down on the riverfront, as usual.

  3. Leslie says:

    We have close neighbors who shoot off fireworks so loud our house shakes. We get at least 4 nights of it every year. Yes, very annoying when trying to sleep.

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