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Every day I get an e-mail from a worthy web-site:

Word Of The Day

The e-mail consists of a word’s definition, pronunciation, and etymology as well as an example of its usage. The Friday e-mail is a compilation of recipient responses to the week’s words. They are almost always interesting and anecdotal, like a weekly word-oriented blog comment section.

I immodestly admit that I have a very large vocabulary, and most of the daily words in the e-mails I already know, but it’s interesting to read the etymologies. I often find that I don’t know the correct pronunciation.

Today’s word is one I’ve never encountered, and it’s also one that relates to my life and interests:




  1. A leisurely stroll.
  2. A place or path designed for walking.
  3. A street or boulevard.

From Spanish pasear (to take a stroll), frequentative of pasar (to go, to pass), from Latin passus (step). Earliest documented use: 1832.

“The idea was to turn the alleys into beachlike paseos to enchant pedestrians.”
Fred Swegles; San Clemente Takes Down Paseo Lights; The Orange County Register (California); Nov 7, 2010.

I doubt that I’ll ever use the word in casual conversation, but it might insinuate its way into my writing, so be forewarned!

As soon as the sun rises I’ll take a little paseo…


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