Doughnuts, Turkeys, etc.

For some reason this silly ditty has been running through my mind this morning. Betsy and I used to sing it to our kids; I suspect the verse comes from the 1920s, possibly sung in a vaudeville routine.

To the hoary old tune “Turkey In The Straw”:

We-lll, I went to Cincinatti and I walked around the block,
And I walked right in to a doughnut shop.
He picked two doughnuts out of the grease
So I handed the man a five-cent piece.
We--ll, he looked at the nickel and he looked at me
Says, "This nickel's no good to me!
There's a hole in the middle and it's all the way through!"
Says I, "There's a hole in the doughnut too!"

Thanks for the doughnuts -- good bye!

The last line should be sung to the tune used for “Shave and a haircut…two bits!”

I first heard these lyrics on an LP by folksinger Michael Cooney.


2 comments on “Doughnuts, Turkeys, etc.

  1. Joan says:

    This is the one we little kids used to sing to Turkey in the Straw, but I like yours much better. It does not include torture. Any others out there?

    I had a little chicken
    But she wouldn’t lay an egg;
    So I poured hot water
    Up and down her leg,
    Well, the little chicken cried
    And the little chicken begged;
    Then that silly little chicken laid
    A hard-boiled egg!

  2. Larry says:

    I used to sing that one, too!

    Joan, your verse reminds me of these immortal lyrics, one verse from “Cluck Old Hen:

    Cluck, cluck, cluck old hen
    She laid eggs for the railroad men
    Sometimes one, sometimes two
    Sometimes enough for the whole damn crew.

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