A Mysterious Jet

In the cloudy and windy sky arcing above a level upland in Adams County, Illinois I witnessed a curious sight this afternoon. A black, slowly-moving jet airplane circled at a very low altitude above the ready-to-harvest cornfields. At one point I swear it cruised just a few feet above the power-lines.

The aircraft had an odd shape, as if a fighter plane had been equipped with reconnaissance equipment. I have no idea of what this jet was or what it was doing. A blow-up of the craft’s silhouette:

This sighting enlivened my afternoon!


2 comments on “A Mysterious Jet

  1. bev says:

    Just tried to leave a message and it seems to have disappeared. Perhaps it turned into a stealth comment!

    The landing gear is down and such jets don’t normally fly around like that. I wonder if it was some kind of vertical take off and landing?

  2. Darrell says:

    On quick glance it looks like a later Brit Aerospace modification of the BAE Hawk.

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