A Visitation From A Snow God

I’ve quit the newspaper delivery job, although I will miss it. Such fun driving the same back roads very day!

I was sitting in front of my computer monitor this morning. I need to get some sleep, but it’s hard to tear myself away!

A figure appeared before me on the breakfast nook bench where I type out this stuff.

A white-haired elderly man with new snow dusted upon his hair and shoulders. I was startled; I said, “Who the heck are you!”

“Hi, Larry. I’m one of the winter deities. My name doesn’t matter. I’m partially responsible for the cold weather which recently descended upon the Midwest, and I watched you while you laboriously scraped frost from your truck’s windshield yesterday. Winter’s a bitch, right?”

“Yeah, I don’t like it. So why are you visiting me this morning?”

“I’m here to offer you a bit of encouragement, as Eos told me that you might be driving south.”

“Well, thanks! You can’t tell me your name?”

“I don’t need a name. I come to the Midwest every year and do my duty.”

I left the visitor and went back to bed for a while. He’s most likely out there generating more snow and frost!


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