I’ve been watching the weather lately. I want to drive south, but a big storm system has been moving through the Southwest, and I try to be prudent. Best to wait a few days!

I was browsing various sites on the web this morning when I heard a weird hissing sound. I looked away from the computer monitor and saw this!

“Shit! Who or what are you?!”, I exclaimed.

The strange creature laughed.

“I am Quetzalcoatl, Larry! I’m surprised that you didn’t recognize me.”

“Well, now I do. So what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing much. It’s a bummer being an obsolete god consigned to oblivion. We never really die, but the more believers we have, the more vigor and power we have.”

“Yeah, I can imagine. I wonder if writers like Neil Gaiman might help?”

“Can’t hurt!”

The weird figure gradually faded away. An interesting encounter indeed!


One comment on “Quetzalcoatl

  1. bev says:

    Interesting idea about obsolete gods fading off due to lack of believers and power.

    Back at my place in Nova Scotia, I have a piece of jewelry – an oddly made copper necklace with a sort of amulet of an Aztec deity with claws tearing the heart from a human. Actually a rather weird and creepy piece. I received it as a gift, but never wear it.

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