Ares And Eros

I was sitting here, quietly eating some food I froze last summer, when a loud noise shook the walls of this brick house. I looked up from my bowl of a rice concoction made palatable by a microwave oven. Oh, will these visitations never cease?!

“Well hello, Greek and/or Roman refugees!”, I said, ready for some more celestial talk. The Dictionary Demon came out of my computer case and breathed a bit of fire.

The gods were unfazed. They merely smiled at the reptile. I said, “So, you two are hanging out together these days? It interests me that both of your names have four letters in English. Perhaps the basis of the attraction?”

I offered Eros a T-shirt to put on. She was embarrassing me!

Ares said, “We were getting bored with the god gossip over at the pub, which is not located on your world. Don’t even bother trying to find it, puny mortal!”

“I see you have a wild boar with you. What’s up with that? And do you encourage warfare?”

“The boar is my pet, and he would make short work of your demon — I can see that the reptile is intimidated. No, I don’t encourage warfare, I just sadly watch.”

Ares and I had to intervene as a scuffle erupted between the Demon and the boar.

I said, “Well, nice to meet you two! Come by anytime!”

The two deities faded away…


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