A Policeman And A Bicycle

I was at a local cut-rate grocery store this morning, buying a couple of items. I pulled into the parking lot and there was a Quincy police car there.

I’m a bit wary of policemen in general since a couple of arrests and jail stays in Hannibal.

The cop was just leaving when I paid for my purchases. I asked the clerk, a woman in her forties, why he had been there.

“Oh, some kid left his bike here overnight. We can’t have that! I know the boy, he lives around here.”

I went out to the parking lot and found the cop inspecting and photographing the bike. I approached him and asked, “So what do you do with abandoned bikes and such?”

The officer said, “We keep them, and every now and then we auction them off.”

“Where do you keep them in the meantime?”

He said, “We have a storage room down at the station. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we end up with!”

I walked on and got in my truck. It was nice to have a friendly exchange with a cop!


2 comments on “A Policeman And A Bicycle

  1. bev says:

    Yeah, the police back where I come from have an annual bicycle auction. The number of bikes they have “in custody” is pretty mind boggling – actually a big warehouse space. They auction other stuff as well and it’s a pretty strange assortment of objects!

  2. Joan says:

    We have the same thing here in St. Louis with the bike auction , but I didn’t know that people called the police just because a bike was left in their parking lot. Now what does the kid have to do to get it back?
    Maybe he got a ride home and forgot about it.

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