A Large Tortoise

A brilliant photographer named Dusty Gedge had this to say about a photo by Jukka Otsamo posted on Google+:

“Fantastic 🙂 Who needs designers when nature is so much better…”

This is like a third-level passing-along of a photo. So common these days, as links get passed back and forth!

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a potter who once lived in Bethel, Missouri. He used old French designs in his glazes; he was and probably still is quite skilled at his trade.

I was examining one of his pots, a very pretty one, well-executed indeed.

I think that the potter was taken aback when I said:

“I do like this. But you should realize what your competition is. When I can go outside and see something in the natural world which outshines any human endeavor…”


2 comments on “A Large Tortoise

  1. bev says:

    I often share that thought when comparing the shapes and surfaces of the natural world — such as the beautiful iridescent Dogbane Beetle , or the shell of a Nautilus pompilius. Pretty tough competition!

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