A Visit From Cronus

I awoke this afternoon after being up most of the night writing. I heard more thunder outside, though it wasn’t raining. Oh, what now?

There was a banging at my back door. I peered out of the door’s window to see who it could be. Another god, evidently.

I let him in. He had a sickle in his hand. An ancient being, the father of Zeus.

“Hi, Larry! I just thought I’d stop by. How are you?”

“I’m fine. So you are still around?”

“Oh, it takes thousands of years for us to fade away. I’ve been hanging out with Eos and she told me about you.”

“So have you been gettin’ it on with Eos?”

I have to admit I was curious.

“Oh, no, she’s a bit young for me!”

“Well, good for you, for not being a dirty old god!”

Cronus laughed and dissipated into the ether.


2 comments on “A Visit From Cronus

  1. bev says:

    Ha ha. Glad Cronus didn’t turn out to be a DOM god!

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