3 comments on “A February Morning In The Mule Mountains

  1. Leslie says:

    So you do get some frost and chilly weather down that far south? Are those ferns? Cool photos, Larry.

  2. Joan says:

    I love these fern pictures. Perhaps I should have been born an elf. This would then have been an everyday view instead of a rare treat.
    On the subject of rare treats… Larry, we haven’t seen you in comments section since you left Missouri. I’m still trying to figure out why this particular fern is called a sword plant. Curly and frosted like this, it looks even less like a sword . Maybe one has to be an elf, to know the answers..
    Would also like to know the answer to Leslie’s question. Is this area known as the high desert.? And if it is, is it more subject to frost than the low desert if there is such a thing? I’d heard that it got pretty cold at night in any desert, but cold is a relative thing when you are brought up in Missouri.

  3. Larry says:

    We get light frosts and even a bit of snow now and then, Leslie. the mornings are chill these days, but early spring flowers are beginning to bloom.

    The ferns as they unfold do have an elfin quality, Joan. I do love seeing them and taking meditative macro photos, a welcome break during my walks.

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