Fat Pepitas

This evening Bev and I were in the kitchen preparing a large Turban Squash for the oven. She halved the grotesque creature with her four-inch knife and I scooped out the seeds. A dialog:

Larry: “Aren’t these the fattest, plumpest squash seeds you’ve ever seen?”

Bev: “Hmm… maybe we should roast them…”

Larry: “Yeah, I could stand to eat some big fat pepitas!”

I seasoned the seeds lightly with Hungarian paprika and home-made Garam Masala, then spread them out in a buttered 9″ cake pan. Right now they are nestled in the oven next to some potatoes along with some chicken for the collies.

Pepita is Spanish for “little seeds”, by the way.

Here they are in all of their rawly glistening fat glory:


3 comments on “Fat Pepitas

  1. How did they turn out?
    Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.

  2. Larry says:

    Very tasty, and easily shelled too! BTW I’ve been browsing your recipes, B&J. The banana bread looks good.

  3. ava says:

    Looks very tasty indeed! Hey, I left you a fb message!

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