Calvin And Hobbes Revisited

Many years ago members of my family enjoyed reading the best, most philosophical, and funniest of the newspaper comic strips, Bill Watterson’s “Calvin And Hobbes”. Compilation paperback books circulated freely amongst the motley crew of the Ayers family, a heterogenous mix of Christian believers and shameless atheists.

In 1995 Bill Watterson decided to quit writing the Calvin and Hobbes tales. He felt that he had explored his comic realm thoroughly and had nothing else to add. Fans just had to accept this decision. Years later a blogger had the temerity to write and draw some sequels to Watterson’s stories. I got a kick out of these comics, and you might like them too!


One comment on “Calvin And Hobbes Revisited

  1. Joan says:

    To badly paraphrase Mark Twain, the death of Calvin and Hobbs has been greatly exaggerated. Calvin’s still alive and well in re-runs at the following link.

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