Christmas Doves

It’s a fine Southwest Arizona winter morning, with a cloudless deep blue sky and air reminiscent of a northern fall day. I stepped outside and regarded the canyon slopes arrayed beneath this house on the northern edge of Bisbee.

A thirty-foot-tall agave stalk was silhouetted against the sky, the remnant of a plant which had flowered in June and then died after several years of preparation for the seeding efforts. The seed capsules were splayed open and emptied of seed, but the gracefully-formed stalk will endure for two or three years before it tumbles over.

I have noticed that a flock of white-winged doves enjoys perching on the curved seed-stalks of the dead agave, a secure perch which exposes the birds to the morning and evening sunlight. Until this morning I have failed to obtain photos of these doves perching, as they startle and fly away when approached. This morning I was slow and cautious, approaching the stalk with my eyes averted. Here’s a photo of what I saw: