Volcanic Eruptions?

Yesterday morning I had to drive to San José, the southernmost district of Bisbee which lies beyond the ghastly Lavender Pit and the traffic circle. That’s where the Safeway store and the Ace Hardware store are located, along with numerous other businesses which all Bisbee residents need from time to time. That’s the price Bisbee people pay for living in such a quaint canyon town full of artists, musicians, and uncategorizable odd folks!

I parked in the Safeway parking lot, which always seems to be windy. The parking lot overlooks the border with Mexico and the twin towns down in the valley, Naco, Arizona and Naco, Sonora. The grim border wall is all too visible.

Before doing my mundane errands at Safeway and Alco I looked out across the valley towards the San José mountains, across the border. Power-lines obscured my view, but I was impressed by the way the clouds were gathered about the peaks, creating an illusion of volcanoes erupting.


The closest and highest mountain, San José peak, also seemed to be spewing vapor down its slopes. I imagined people who dwell beneath the peak fleeing in panic, chased by relentless flows of hot lava.


But I had groceries to buy, so I reluctantly turned away!


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