Last night I was over in the San Pedro River Valley playing music at John and Marcia’s place. After a very nice meal featuring home-grown tomatoes and turkey burgers I was in the kitchen putting a plate in the sink. On a central island counter I noticed a ginger root with an interesting green excrescence protruding from its side. Looking closer it seemed to be a conical bud, something I’d never seen on a ginger root before. I beckoned Marcia over and pointed to the root.

“Marcia, could I cut this this shoot or bud from your ginger root and take it home with me?”

“Sure, Larry! Are you wanting to root it?”

“Yeah, I’ll suspend it in water somehow.”

I found a knife and severed the shoot, leaving a small chunk of root to help nurture the hopeful little creature. Marcia gave me a sandwich bag to take the shoot home in.

I forgot all about the ginger piece until this morning. I found a small ceramic pot, cut a piece from a chopstick, and attached the root to it with a twist-tie. Here’s the ginger shoot on my windowsill, illuminated by a stray sun-ray shafting through the leaves of a tree:


Not a practical project, I admit, but I’m pleased to act as parent to this little plant!


5 comments on “Gingerette

  1. bev says:

    Perhaps you’ll be eating fresh ginger from your own plant by winter!

  2. Linda Schmidt says:

    Gosh Larry, that brings back memories. Mom used to do that with avocado pits. Maybe other pits too. I haven’t had that urge, so you got the genes for rooting.

  3. Joan says:

    I’m so glad our Larry’s back!
    Oh happy day! Kaloo Kalay!
    All the magic is still there.
    He always has so much to say.

    Pics of flora of the desert
    And his current Bisbee base.
    Nothing is too small to notice.
    Each locale’s a special place.

    Floral photo’s specs are written
    As a botanist might do
    And it always seems I’m learning
    Something that I never knew.

    And it seems he is inspired
    By the monsoon desert rain
    Cause he’s posting here a lot
    So checking often’s not in vain.

    Now I’m feeling in the groove.
    At last I’m on the proper track
    For if I comment on his blog
    Then Larry always answers back.

  4. Larry Ayers says:

    How could I not answer after reading one of Joan’s bloggerel poems? I’d have to be a heartless, churlish curmudgeon. I figure I have a few more years before I begin to devolve to that state, or perhaps I’ll deftly sidestep it. Time will tell!

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