Clouds Over Sonora

I like the name of the Mexican state Sonora. It sounds musical, like the word sonorous,but the etymology is a bit confused. Was it just Spanish Catholic bullshit, perhaps derived from some female saint’s name? Nobody will ever know for sure. The name has been used, though, for hundreds of years, and it’s here to stay.

Yesterday afternoon I drove to the Safeway store on Rt. 92. As the vista across the border opened up before me, I noticed an appealing clump of cumulus clouds burgeoning up from behind one of the Sonoran mountains in the distance. I parked in the Dollar General parking lot and tried to find a view without too many interfering wires and other evidences of civilization. I propped my camera on a high fence, a barrier which prevents invasion of the Dollar General territory by Ace Hardware barbarians, and got this one shot:


I love these Southwest sky scenes. What could that small dark-gray object be appearing towards the right? It looks like a crude flying saucer prototype, perhaps part of an R&D project undertaken in secret by the Mexican Air Force.

I got back to the truck and found Dingo, my dog, calmly waiting for me on the passenger seat. She is very tolerant of my inexplicable eccentricities!


3 comments on “Clouds Over Sonora

  1. I live in Naco and one of the big bonuses is the fabulous views of clouds forming in Mexico. I have more cloud or cloud and mountain photos than I can attempt to sort through.

  2. bill says:

    Definitely not Missouri.

  3. Larry Ayers says:

    By any sane ecological and geographical standards SE Arizona should be a part of Mexico, a northern Sonoran outpost. The Gadsden Purchase (Venta de La Mesilla) roped this area into the USA.

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