The Dog Behind The Bar

Sunday evenings between seven and nine I can almost always be found at at the Copper Queen Saloon in Bisbee. Several friends and I play Irish dance music along with some other eclectic tunes from various genres. I’m the fiddler in the group.

I almost always bring my dog Dingo with me to music sessions. There is nothing that dog likes better than riding with me in my truck to a music session.

Dingo is a very social dog, and as we play she circulates around the bar, receiving affection from all and sundry.

This evening we were playing a fine old reel called “The Maid Behind The Bar”. There actually was a “maid” behind the bar, a woman working shifts for Chris, our usual bartender. Chris is out east visiting relatives these days.

After we finished the tune I noticed that Dingo was not to be seen. It’s a small bar and it didn’t take long for me to determine that she just wasn’t there. I walked over to the hotel front desk and asked the clerk if he had a seen a dog trailing a clothesline leash walking by.

He hadn’t. Could Dingo have gotten outside and run off? Had an amoral customer made off with her? Puzzled, I walked back into the bar-room and asked my fellow musicians if they had seen her.

Then Dingo, probably hearing her name spoken, walked out from behind the bar with a sheepish grin on her face.

Of course that led to joking references to that “Dog behind The Bar”!


2 comments on “The Dog Behind The Bar

  1. Marian Kay says:

    I’m glad she did’nt wander off !

  2. Rain Trueax says:

    Title had me worried

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