A tortoise, and peanuts too!

Living alone as I do most of the year, I have few dependents. Just an orange Desert Dog and a couple of Van-pattern cats. I needed one more genus of creature to fill out my life here, so I ordered a Sulcatus hatchling tortoise from a reptile breeder in Sacramento. The little reptile should be shipped to the ranch within a day or two. The species is the third-largest tortoise still existing in this world, and could eventually grow to three feet in length.

This morning I met a neighbor and friend out on my road. Michael wanted some silty sand, and there’s a big pile along my road, left there by another neighbor when I had my road refurbished earlier this year. While Michael shoveled sand into his truck, we talked. Michael said:

“Ya know what, Larry? You guys at Echoing Hope Ranch oughta be growing some peanuts.”

I was intrigued, and this afternoon I ordered a quarter pound of peanut seed from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Maybe next year we’ll be making and selling peanut butter!


5 comments on “A tortoise, and peanuts too!

  1. Laura says:

    Sounds like fun! We had a turtle and he”ran away” when the kids had him out one day. How much care does your tortoise need when it is small? I hear they live a long time. Good luck!

    • Larry Ayers says:

      Well, I’ll have to protect the tortoise from the twin cats, who tend to be remorselessly cruel to any creature smaller than they are. I have a fenced area behind the outhouse, and I’ll put up a chickenwire roof over that.

      The tortoise can live for up to 150 years, so it will probably outlive me. Kinda like having a parrot!

      • Wendell says:

        Tortoises are master tunnel diggers. It keeps them out of the weather and provides a safe place to lay their eggs. The fenced area should have a viable footing and available shade.

  2. Dad says:

    If you want an experienced peanut butter taster, I’m your man.

  3. Larry Ayers says:

    Later this year I’ll send you some, once I figure out how to make the stuff!

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