More Russian Kale Dialogue

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Baby Kales Talking/caption]

“Hey, here comes that guy that waters us. I could use a good root-soaking!”

“I’m kinda wondering about that guy, truth to tell. Look what he’s doing over in that carrot bed!”

“Shit, he’s pulling up half of the plants! What’s got into him?”

“Y’know, I saw a documentary about plantopathic gardeners. They get some sort of sick thrill from pulling up plants, plants just like us, by their roots! It could be that Larry is a serial thinner!”

“Oh, no, here he comes!”

“Hey guys, I gotta do this, but it’s for your own good. You are growing too thickly. Some of ya have to go! I should tell you that most of you are destined to be eaten by humans.”

“Oh, Larry, is that why you planted us? I thought it was just because you like plants! All of my illusions are being shattered!”

I’ll omit a description of the sad carnage which followed this exchange! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!


A Tribute

I have a habit of making post titles a bit ambiguous. Doing that lures in unwary and curious readers! Worked again, didn’t it!

What the hell happened to Bill Watterson, the writer and illustrator of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip? I and other members of my family used to love that strip. It was a brilliant contribution to the drab newspapers of the day. Here’s a holiday tribute to the man’s work:


Curious as to how this video was made? Go here:


Scalzi, Smeagol, Etc.

I’m pretty fond of John Scalzi. He’s a deft and witty writer, and every now and then I go to his site and see what he’s been up to. This is a sequence of tweets he posted while watching a Lord Of The Rings cable-TV marathon; I thought it was quite amusing, but wouldn’t make much sense if you haven’t seen the movies:

Lord Of The Tweets

Only a few minutes later a dubstep treatment of a Gollum scene which Scalzi had mentioned appeared on Youtube:



Another Thanksgiving

Here’s another good graphic offering from Grant Snider:

I like his work, and you can see more of it here

Incidental Comics

Last Thanksgiving Day I was at a low point in my life, as documented here:

Thanksgiving 2010

Things are marginally better for me now, thanks to some help from my parents; I lived with them last winter while I tried to figure out what to do with what remains of my life.

I’m solvent enough to maintain a place to live and internet access, like food and water for me.

I’m thankful that my health has been good and that I can eat well, as I have to admit that I cook well! Reading, music, and correspondence with certain distant friends (you know who you are!) keeps me happy.

I hope that whoever wanders by here has a good day today!


Somalia As Beach Paradise

This video is scathing and funny satire, mocking the pretensions of libertarians, tea-partiers, and their ilk who tend to take for granted the manifold benefits of living in a stable but deeply flawed society:




I have no idea of who did this clever graphic, but over 3600 people on Facebook have already “liked” it.

I want a keyboard like this!

I must confess that it took me a minute to ‘get’ this!


Pre-Hallowe’en Post

I have some good stuff for a pagan holiday cooking slowly on the back burner, but in the meantime I wanted to share a very clever photo which my friend Claire posted on Facebook. I got a kick out of this:

That photo tells a story, doesn’t it?