Quote From A Cephalopod

I love the poetry of this anonymous possibly human entity!

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The third time is a charm, they say,
And so, to test that quote,
I thought I’d read some entrails
So I sacrificed a goat.
I’d heard it said, with skill and care,
My future could be seen
In length of small intestine
And position of the spleen.


A Comet, I Suppose?

Here’s a pretty cool photo by a Vietnamese woman named Âu Minh Giang Ân Thái Hà. What a name, with five components in it. And diacritical marks too! We are lucky to have, typically, just three names here in the USA. We could use a few diacritical marks, though! I suppose that it is Comet Lovejoy?

What a scene!

Such weird internet connections with people I will never meet! Here is some music from someone who is evidently one of Âu Minh Giang Ân Thái Hà’s friends:

Oriental Music


John Lithgow

I’ve been a fan of John Lithgow ever since he so masterfully and wittily acted as the father, Dick Solomon, on the sitcom Third Rock From The Sun.

Here is an excellent example of his Shakespearean acting ability, a rendition of a press release by Newt Gingrich, our only amphibian politician:

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